Covid 19 – Update

Covid 19 had forced all of us to change the way we do things. Freedom House has made a commitment to continue our support for our community during these difficult and uncertain times. 

We acknowledge that Covid 19 is a treat to our community. We commit to following all mandates and recommendations by Canadian and Manitoban Public Health officials. The health and safety of our community is important to us.


30th October 2020 – Update

Out Sunday service and all other in door programs have been suspended.

We will continue to serve all our meals as a take-out option only. Please use the gate on Ellen street to enter the garden area and follow the markers to collect your meals. The gate at the back lane will be used as and exit gate only.


Meals will be served on:

Sunday – from 3pm

Tuesday – from 10 am

Wednesday – from 10 am

Thursday – from 10 am


Foodbank – from 10 am

Upcoming dates are:

Tuesday, 10th November

Wednesday, 25th November

Wednesday, 9th December

Wednesday, 23rd December