Freedom House Winnipeg


Office Tel: 204 504 9888

Postal address: PO Box 28041, Winnipeg, MB, R2G 4E9

Phyiscal address: 294 Ellen Street, Winnipeg


Contribute towards our work:

Thank you for considering giving a gift or paying your tithes and offerings toward the Freedom House Winnipeg. We appreciate your support towards the work God has called us to.

As a Church we believe in the principal of giving tithes and offerings towards the work of the kingdom.

We also believe in good governance and stewarding any gifts given towards God’s kingdom with diligence. If you have any queries or questions please mail :

Please make all cheques out to “Walls of Freedom”  for now. We are in the process of changing our name to Freedom House but the legal items are still in process. Cheques can be mailed to our PO Box address above.

You can also give directly into our bank account via e-transfer – Please use: for this option.

For Credit Cards and /or direct eft  giving you can use this link – Monthly & Once-off giving

You can also follow us on the following social media pages:

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